About SDZ32

WELCOME to the SDZ32 Club! This is a premier car club located in San Diego, California and dedicated to 1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX, also known as the Z32. This club was founded by Tim Heydelaar shortly after the creation of his website www.Z32.com on August 7, 1997. The first organized SDZ32 Club Event was The Stillen Z-Day on October 21, 2000. The club progressed over the years by adding more and more events along with new members. In 2002, the club began holding monthly club meetings.
The SDZ32 Club is very informal in its structure with minimal annual dues and a small board. We only have one requirement to join; you must be a huge Nissan /Datsun / Infinity fan, and or a total car guy (or car girl). All we ask of our members is that you try to participate and contribute as much as you can to the club by attending our meetings and/or club events, and sharing in your experiences or knowledge of the Z-car.
We usually have one or two events a month, which may include car shows, drag racing, road racing, SCCA events, car cruises to local San Diego attractions, social gatherings, and other car related events all within a day’s drive. We try to have something for everyone and are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Check out our Events section for the most current Events.
What can you expect with your participation in the SDZ32 Club? You can expect to have a good time with people who share a passion for cars and the Z-car in particular. We have open meetings once a month to discuss a range of topics to all our members. We can provide you with information you’ll need to fix, repair, modify, or upgrade your Z32 and many other cars. Our members have lots of experience with the Z32 cars whether they are naturally aspirated, or twin turbo. All cars are welcome to any of our Club Events… show cars, race cars, project cars, or daily drivers.
Our monthly club meetings are held at Miramar Speed Circuit on the second Wednesday of every month starting at 6:30 p.m. Guests are always welcome to attend.
For directions got to our Contact page.
To become a member of SDZ32 Club you can start attending Club Meetings and/or Club Events. You can fill out a Membership Application.
One way to stay in contact is by joining and using our Club Forum board hosted by www.300zxclub.com. Another method is to like us on Facebook.
We look forward to seeing you soon!,